Instant Physio | Arthritis

We Help Older Adults Avoid Major Surgery, Become More Active, Mobile & Independent

Have you been told by your doctor that you have arthritis?

Do you feel stuck with a life of painkillers, the prospect of major surgery, feeling like you’re no longer in control and do you have days where you just wish you could just get about a bit better?

For no rhyme or reason, it seems as though your body has just decided to put a halt to normal life where you are free to do as you please instead you are limited to a life of pain, stiffness and fear of the problem getting so bad that you lose your independence. Friends and loved ones may have started to comment on how you’re always complaining about something aching or that you’re ‘walking funny’.

Little by little it feels as though you’re losing control of what’s important to you – a life where you can keep active.

Fear not!
If any of this sounds familiar then we know exactly what you’re going through. We have helped 1000s of people avoid surgery, get back to a life free from painkillers, preserve their independence and self-worth all normally within 90 days.

At Instant Physio we offer 90-day plans that can take people from a life full of doom and gloom about the future of their health to a place where they can be active, mobile and on-the-go with peace of mind that their body is healthy.

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