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We help people get back to the sports they love (even when they have been out of action for months!)

If a sports injury is stopping you from doing your chosen workout or sport and you want to find out how to get back to playing as quickly and as safely as possible then sign up for a free taster session by clicking below.
A lot of our patient’s try these before coming to see us:
  • Rest​
  • Every stretch on YouTube​​
  • A painful amount of ‘foam rolling’
  • Seeing the GP only to be told to rest, take painkillers or to come back if it doesn’t improve
  • Sports Massage and other treatments but haven’t been able to get any long term relief
  • Training through the pain​​
The trouble is with all of these attempts is that without a clear diagnosis and an understanding of the root cause of the problem, it is impossible to know which treatment is going to get you back to full fitness safely and speedily.

A lot of our patients are frustrated at having to rest, at being unable to enjoy their chosen sport or activity and all the while living in fear of the pain getting worse every time they do try to return to activity.

Hear from Ben about his experience working us:

Where does Instant Physio come in?

Most people don’t realise but sports physiotherapists can do everything from diagnosing your problem, find the underlying ‘root cause’ of the issue and treat the problem so that you can return from injury and get back to your chosen sport or activity with confidence and peace of mind.

We Love To Help People Who…

  • Love Exercise But Can’t Due To Injury
  • ​​Want Relief From Pain With “Hands-On” Treatment
  • Would Like To “Tune Up” And Keep Active And Healthy
  • Hate Taking Painkillers And Resting
  • Need To Know Why Their Injury Hasn’t Gone Away
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