Back pain can come out of the blue sometimes.

You can be going about your daily business one minute, and the next be experiencing extreme back pain!

A huge amount of stress and limitation is put on what you can do when this happens.

Typically people will do one of two things: ignore it and hope for the best or rest and take painkillers.

Seeing your doctor will normally result in being advised to take painkillers and rest.

For some people, back pain is an ongoing daily struggle.

Losing independence and relying on painkillers are just of some of strains that back pain can put on daily life.

The problem with taking painkillers is that they mask symptoms while the underlying problem remains and the root cause is not dealt with.

This means that the likelihood of your back pain returning is raised significantly.

I am here to show you some simple ways of:

a. relieving your back pain naturally without reaching for the painkiller draw

b. reducing the risk of future “flare ups”

1. Stay Hydrated

This is the classic office worker mistake…

60% of your body is made up of water.

Without taking on enough water through the day the joints in your spine become dehydrated (along with the rest of the body).

We need sufficient hydration to enable the joints in the spine to be nourished and lubricated so they function properly.

Back stiffness and aching in the morning, loss of flexibility and increased back pain and just some of the ways dehydration affects your spine.

By taking on the recommended 2 litres of water per day you will improve the health of your spine.

2. Do not sit for longer than 20-30 minutes

The pressure that the lumbar spine (lower back) is put under when you sit is equivalent to 140 kilograms.

By sitting less you are massively reducing huge amounts of pressure from the lumbar spine.

This can be difficult when driving or if you are stuck in a meeting.

My tip, maintain good posture by using a lumbar support and ensure that you are resting against the back rest not sitting forwards away from the chair because this will add more pressure.

3. Regular Movement

Just like brushing your teeth twice a day regularly is one of your daily rituals, movement should be part of your daily routine as well.

This is because when you move you lubricate joints, increase oxygenation around the body and improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Analyse your daily routine in granular detail and identify when you could potentially add in a brisk paced walk, some back stretches or some strengthening or balance exercises.

I cannot say which of these techniques will help you without a full assessment but I do know that these strategies have proven to be helpful for a large portion of my previous patients to reduce the strain that back pain puts on life.

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