Travelling for work or pleasure with back pain can be a nightmare.

A lot fo the time, the things you have to do involve long periods of sitting, lifting, and sleeping in uncomfortable hotel beds.

If you work involves lots of travel or if your going on holiday this month then check out this weeks 3 tips for travelling with back pain to stop it ruining your trip.


Tip number one is to do with when you are stuck on a flight or on a long journey and you have to sit for a prolonged period of time…

Make sure you use some kind of lumbar support. You can buy these specifically or just use a rolled up jumper or towel.

Place it in the small of your back to help support your spine and encourage good posture.

Secondly, make sure you are resting in your back rest and if you can, recline the chair back slightly.

This will help to take pressure off your lower back.

Try to take, regular breaks and change position every 30 minutes. This will help prevent the back stiffening up.


When lifting heavy bags try to delegate this to who you are with or the taxi driver or the flight attendant and use a trolley to carry your bags where possible.

When you do have to do some lifting, make sure you keep the item that you are lifting really close to your body, bend your knees and avoid and twisting.

Avoid reaching away from your body and lifting because this will put a lot of stress through your lower back and could irritate it.


Sleeping can be tricky when you are away because your body isn’t used the bed.

To help keep your back in a good position, place a pillow between your knees and lay on your side. Secondly, make sure your head and shoulder is well supported by some pillows.

Thirdly, if its comfortable, roll up a towel and place it in to the side of your lower back.

Together this will help to keep your back in a really good position, whatever the mattress!


My final tip is to do with footwear.. Any long walks make sure to take regular breaks, wear supportive footwear and do some light stretching before going for a walk.

So there you have it, 3 tips for travelling with back pain.

If you need any more help with your specific back problem just get in touch on 020 3488 2698 or download the free report below on how to end back pain.