We see lots of people about their hips and people are always surprised to hear how common it is. It’s particularly common in young female athletes and people over 50.

With hip pain comes a very specific set of symptoms that can really start to drive you mad!

Below we delve into to some of key things that should start to make you think about getting it seen by a professional.

1. Someone has said you are walking funny

Need I say more? This is actually a pretty good rule of thumb for most injuries… If someone else has noticed it, you should probably get it checked out!

2. You feel like you have aged 30 years when you get up in the morning

Ever climbed out of bed and thought, ‘blimey, I didn’t realise I was THAT stiff’ (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!), well… Perhaps that might be a good push to come in and get an MOT. One of the best ways to avoid an injury is to get these niggles checked EARLY. Otherwise, a bit like rust on a car, injuries have a tendency to be a catalyst for other problems.

3. Your hips are getting stiff at the end of the day

Are you noticing when you stand up from your desk that you are getting stiff hips or that it’s taking you a few steps to get going? Stiffness after inactivity can be a key sign that there might be something beginning to complain. Always remember – keeping mobile always helps!

4. You have noticed pain when exercising

Now, this is probably one of the more annoying things… Are you finding you’re getting half way round your usual 5k and your hip(s) have started to niggle? As if you haven’t got enough things to worry about right? I mean you’ve got to breathe, put one foot in front of the other, all that good stuff and now your hip is piping up too? Super frustrating! But as we’ve said before – pain is the policeman of the body so this could be a pretty good warning sign that there might be something slightly more going on, so it’s always a good idea to have a physio eye over it.

5. You are worried about it

BIG red flag. You know your body best, and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it.

If any of these points have stood out to you, here is your sign to get in touch!