Having watched the recent Bond movie I heard Q make a reference to a knee complaint James had been dealing with. This got me thinking about what kind of injuries a double agent would need help with.

The kind of acrobatics and explosions his body endures it’s surprising he hasn’t stopped in for a visit.

1. Knee pain

When you run, each step puts the same amount of load as 3-5x your body weight through your knee.

Having seen some of the heights that James jumps from I would expect him to be putting 10-15x his body weight through his knee each time he lands, probably more.

The shock absorbers in his knee (AKA his meniscii) must either be superhuman or I would expect them to be in need of some attention.

Having studied his gait however I do think they must be fine as I don’t see any adaptations to accommodate for any knee pain, except when he’s been shot in the leg.

2. Foot pain

For similar reasons, his feet would take an unbelievable amount of load with all the jumping and landing he does. Even more so as he tends to wear evening wear which have little to no support.

Stress fractures would be very likely.

These are the kind of injuries that people soldier on with but eventually he would need some time using crutches to let things settle.

I can’t imagine James ever using crutches however unless they doubled up as a machine gun.

3. Shoulder pain

The number of bullets I’ve seen James take over the years it’s surprising he can hold a gun!

Thankfully all of his enemies are a terrible shot and they have always missed the target and got his shoulder.

I would expect James to need a full shoulder reconstruction if I’m honest.

So there you have it, the top 3 injuries I would expect 007 to come into Instant Physio with.