London must be the easiest place to get your 10 000 steps in!

Spoilt for choice when it comes to going for a stroll, London (especially South West London) is jam-packed with great places to explore.

A Sunday wouldn’t be the same without a meander in my opinion and in this blog post I share with you the 3 best ones to do in London.

Sadly, for a lot of our patients before they come in for treatment, being able to go for a walk isn’t so easy when struggling with daily, chronic knee pain.

Constantly having to take painkillers, being fearful of going out or not going out at all are a common set of problems that they face.

Just last week we had 4 people ring up the clinic because their knee pain had flared up.

And it’s not uncommon that we hear that these flare-ups mean family days out and walks that have been planned for a while, have to be rain checked and put aside for another day…

… Anyway, here are the 3 best best walks in London (that a lot of my patients have previously been unable to do due to knee pain).

1. Limehouse To London Fields

I love this walk because if your a coffee lover like me then their are some great coffee spots along the way. Be careful to not get too close the edge of the canal however (I did see quite a few Boris Bikes at the bottom!).

2. Wimbledon Common

Last year me and some friends walked around Wimbledon Common when the whole place had frosted over and the pond had frozen which was incredible to see. Ending up in Wimbledon Village is a nice way to end this walk for sure.

3. Southbank

This is a walk that you could spend the whole day doing on a weekend because of the amount of things that you can do along the way. Stop off at Borough Markets and take your pick from one of the best food markets in London. Start off at Tower Bridge and then walk down towards Big Ben.

So there you have it, the 3 best walks to do in London. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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