The most diverse and exciting place on earth!

From proms in the park to cat cafes London truly has something for everyone.

At any time of year you can expect to be intrigued by what London has to offer.

Soaked in history, filled with gastronomical adventures of all shapes and sizes, and ever paving the way for other mega-cities around the world to follow in its footsteps, London feels like the centre of the world sometimes!

In my line of work as a Physiotherapist I see the affect back pain can have on the people of London and how that can stop them from enjoying the city.

When back pain strikes it becomes nearly impossible to experience with pleasure what is on offer.

In the past 2 weeks I have had 4 patients come to me who have had to cancel reservations, day trips and experiences booked months before due to their back pain “flaring up”.

Unfortunately, for people who do not seek specialist assessment for their back pain this often means it becomes a recurring problem.

Worse, there are some people who have had failed experiences with other medical professionals in the past which has not resulted in them being able to move freely and be active.

But here they are, my 5 best things to do in London (many of which have been experiences that many of my patients have been unable to do or have had to cancel due to back pain).

1. A Day On Tooting Common

Yes, I know! Probably not on any Timeout lists, city guides and probably never to make it onto a TV advert for London but a great day out.

Although it did make it in to the top 10 places to live in the world by the Lonely Planet People recently!

Picture this: a picnic fit for a King and Queen, towels, swimwear, tennis rackets and a bottle of sun cream.

A perfect day out for all the family.

Start off with a knock around on the newly refurbished tennis courts available for all abilities. Not quite SW19 but no reason to not get the strawberries and cream out!

I say “all abilities” because even beginners can enjoy playing tennis especially on a beautiful sunny day (just don’t forget your shades).

Stroll around the park exploring the different parts of the common which is centred around a beautiful pond where you can feed the ducks (or spot the military fitness locals exercising their hearts out).

Next up, a mosey on down to the lido for a cool down.

I say cool down quite literally. The water can be a bit of fright when you first get in.

Let’s just say once your in its lovely! A great atmosphere and good exercise, just choose an off-peak time.

Finish off with a trip to one of the nearby cafes, a personal favourite of mine, the Dee Light Bakery which serves the best cakes and most delicious coffees south of the river (and probably London).

2. A Walk Down The Southbank

This walk for me gives you a real taste of London because there is so much to see.

If you’re on the tube get off at Waterloo and head to the river where you can experience a taste of London culture. Or alternatively arrive in style on the clipper!

I love the food options down this end of town.

You can either stroll down the Thames path and see what takes your fancy along the way (Bleeker St. Burger is a personal favourite of mine) or wait until you get to borough markets at the other end of the walk where there is some of the best produce and tantalising pop up street food in the world.

3. Primrose Hill

On a clear day you can sit back at the top and enjoy a view which spans the full stretch of London and beyond. Bring your selfie stick for this one because you can get some pretty spectacular snaps!

I would also bring some fluids as well because theres a fairly big hill (for London) to get up there!

4. Kew Gardens

For those who enjoy open space, beautiful gardens and exotic flowers (and delicious ice cream) Kew Gardens is set in a beautiful part of London.

Kew Gardens is home to some amazing scenery and on a sunny day there’s no better place to be.

Another picnic opportunity here with plenty of space to sit down and enjoy the scenery.

5. Catch a Westend Show

Another way in which the people of London and those who visit are spoilt is by the abundance of world class theatre shows.

The wow factor is virtually guaranteed when going to a Westend show and it caters for all ages.

With something for everyone, this is a great one to include in your list for the winter.

So there you have it, my 5 best things to do in London if you didn’t have back pain.

If you’ve got back pain that’s just flared up, come out of nowhere or you have been suffering with it for a while then I can help.

By clicking on the link below you can join the growing number of people who have benefitted from receiving my free back pain report which goes into detail the best ways to end back pain naturally.

Alternatively you can book a free phone or face to face discovery session which gives you the opportunity to learn about your injury and what solutions are available.