A lot changes when you become a Dad in particular, the demands placed on the body.

Priorities change and taking care of yourself can take a back seat while your new beacon of joy keeps you busier than you could ever imagine.

It is quite common for back pain to creep in as these extra demands take their toll on the body.

How you lift can be one of the leading causes of back pain.

Introducing the Dadlift…

A lifting technique used by some Dads that puts a lot of strain through the lumbar spine (lower back).

Picture someone bending down with rounded back and not bending their knees.

You may get away with this type of lifting once or twice but it can eventually lead to overloading your back.

When we compare this to a deadlift, the movement is very similar but with proper technique there is a lot more load put through your hips instead of your back.

Your hips can tolerate the load being lifted a lot more.

Further, doing this as an exercise regularly helps to strengthen your lifting muscles and helps your body adapt to that movement which helps to prevent back pain.

I would always recommend seeking out the help of professional such as a physio or personal trainer and who can guide you on the best technique and on a suitable amount of weight to start with.

So, next time you see a Dadlift suggest a deadlift instead and save them the pain!


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