Being under a national lockdown is a challenging time for us all. We’re missing our normal fitness routines, spending time with loved ones and much more. With the new government guidance, we must stay at home unless there is a valid reason not to be, unless we are exercising. I would encourage you all to get your daily dose of exercise in to keep you both physically and mentally fit during this period. Whether that be a run/walk outdoors, or a yoga/Hiit session in your front room – you will reap the benefits.

Here are 5 reasons why daily exercise can help you through lockdown:

1.) Weight Control – Now is the easiest time to become lazy. Gyms are closed and it can be easy to shelve fitness for a while. But daily exercise is a great weight to stay on-top of our weight – so that when gyms, recreational sport etc open up, you’ll be rearing to go! Remember, this doesn’t always have to be high intensity training, a walk or jog each day will go a long way.

2.) Mental fitness – As I’ve mentioned, this is an extremely difficult time for us all, especially on the mental side of things. There are high levels of anxiety, particularly surrounding jobs, finances and becoming isolated. Daily exercise can help to combat these worries. When we work out, endorphins are released from our body, which are natural mood boosters. Exercise is a proven way of reducing stress and anxiety.

3.) Improved sleep quality – Daily exercise is proven to help us not only fall asleep, but stay asleep and increase overall sleep quality. However, as we mentioned earlier, exercise releases endorphins into the body which are mood boosters, so try not to exercise up to 2 hours before you get into bed or you may find it more difficult to sleep.

4.) Muscle strength – Daily exercise is a great way to increase muscle strength, dependant on what exercise you’re doing. Strength training reinforces our muscles, tendons and ligaments, so becoming physically stronger will reduce the workload of the major joints in the body, reducing the likelihood of injury.

5.) A sense of achievement – It’s one of the best feelings completing a good workout. It isn’t easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. So you should be proud of yourself, you never regret a workout! Achieving targets small or big is really important for morale throughout this pandemic.

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