This is what Sally, 59 from Balham, was told when she went for a consultation with her GP about her back pain before coming to see me.

Getting older is blamed for a lot of medical problems but back pain should not be one of them.

If getting older meant that you were inevitably going to be in pain then everyone in the world who was over a certain age would be in pain, which they are not.

On her first session with me, Sally described her daily struggle with back ache which was stopping her from caring for her grandchildren and walking her dog.

Now, if Sally had decided to follow the GP’s advice and hadn’t sought out further assessment, would she have got the results she wanted? You guessed it! The answer is no.

She would be polluting her body with unwanted chemicals and at the end of it, would not be any closer to walking her dog or playing with her grandchildren.

The only people who stand to gain from this advice are the big pharmaceutical companies!

Some people become reliant on painkillers and this may be due to being let down in the past by medical professionals or through being unsure about what can help.

The second piece of advice was to rest. Resting was never going to help Sally become more active and mobile. If anything, this would have made her body weaker and her joints more stiff making the problem worse.

I can whole heartedly say that not one of my patients has enjoyed a more active and mobile lifestyle through resting and taking painkillers.

When it comes to ending back pain my advice is always to see a specialist back pain physiotherapist who can diagnose the exact cause of your problem and provide you with the specialist treatment needed.

Luckily Sally did come to see a physiotherapist and is now enjoying looking after her grandchildren again and walking her dog as she pleases, painkiller free I may add.

If you’ve got back pain that’s just flared up, come out of nowhere or you have been suffering with it for a while then I can help.

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