Footballers, are some of the most physically active and skilled athletes in the world.

However, despite their impressive abilities, they are also more likely to sustain a meniscus injury than other athletes. In this post, we will explore some of the reasons why this is the case and offer a call to action for Instant Physio at the end.

  1. The nature of the sport itself puts a lot of strain on the knee joint. Football involves a lot of sudden starts, stops, twists, and turns, all of which can put a lot of pressure on the meniscus.
  2. Footballers play where studs. This means their foot can very easily get stuck in the ground making it vulnerable to an impact injury that would cause a twisting movement to the knee resulting in a meniscus injury.
  3. Footballers are often required to jump and land awkwardly, which can also put a lot of strain on the meniscus. For example, a player may need to jump to head the ball, or they may have to land awkwardly after making a save.
  4. Footballers are at a higher risk of meniscus injuries due to the physical demands of the sport. They need to be able to run at high speeds for 90 minutes which means that once fatigue sets in, the control of the knees starts to get worse which can lead to meniscus injuries being more likely. Football matches often involve high-pressure situations, and players may be more likely to push themselves to the limit in order to win.
  5. Finally, footballers are more likely to sustain a meniscus injury due to the physical nature of the sport. As it is a contact sport, and players may be at risk of being tackled, bumped into or worse which can cause a meniscus injury more so than something non-contact like tennis.

If you are a footballer and you suffer from a meniscus injury, physiotherapy is a great solution. It can help to reduce pain and swelling, improve range of motion, and increase strength and stability in the knee.

Most importantly, it can maximises the chances of a speedy return back to the beautiful game. At Instant Physio, our team of expert physiotherapists can help you recover from a meniscus injury and get back to playing at your best.

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